PEAK Foundation was established in the wake of the sudden and tragic death of acclaimed teacher Peter Ewbank in February 2015. The origin and aims of Peter’s legacy foundation advance his passion for preparing underserved people for a better future. 

When PEAK began, our work focused on partnerships with KIPP Colorado Schools, where Peter was an educator. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized our mission and values are better served by partnering with acclaimed partner organizations that provide underprivileged youth with real-world experiences and life skills.  

Through carefully vetted partnerships with organizations across the western United States, our objective is to help urban youth in sustainable ways.


A gifted educator dedicated to improving the prospects of at-risk youth, Peter was living his passion teaching 8th grade English at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy in Denver when his life was tragically cut short by a sudden illness days before his 26th birthday.

Peter was a self-motivated achiever throughout his life. After distinguishing himself as high school class president and valedictorian, he graduated cum laude in three years from the University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College. He then earned his masters degree from the University of Oklahoma while completing a 3-year Teach for America fellowship at KIPP Tulsa before joining KIPP Colorado in 2013.

Peter always inspired his students to push themselves beyond their believed limits. He exemplified the character and leadership traits KIPP was founded upon and his work remains unfinished. PEAK Foundation is dedicated to continuing Peter’s unwavering belief in the potential of all individuals, and the value of supporting those from disadvantaged origins.